Kankakee River

  • The Kankakee is a beautiful, quiet, healthy watershed that you virtually have to yourself when you book a trip. We offer a variety of trip options, 
  • The season starts, late March thru October 
  • Traditional drift boat, full and 1/2 day
  • Jet sled trips 
  • Black Ops Night smallmouth (July, August only)
  • After work special (June, July, August only)


Dupage river






Des plaines River






Fox River







St. Joe River

  • The Dupage is a quaint little river that holds a wonderful population of smallmouth. On this river it's not about size. Downsize your gear a have fun with big numbers of fish.
  • Drift boat trips only 

  • The Des Plaines is a exciting new fishery that I am offering. I am treating it as a pike and bass fishery. There is nothing like having your flies ruined by a single fish. Watch out for those teeth!
  • Jet sled and drift boat trips available  

  • The Fox is a cross over river partly rural part industrial. In its unique setting it offers the chance to catch Smallmouth, Carp, and Musky
  • Traditional drift boat, full and 1/2 day
  • Jet sled trips only

I am only offering St. Joe trips to the two hander guys. Swinging flies for Steelhead is the best, it's all about the tug. The swung fly season is October thru early December.

  • Jet sled trips only