Beaver comes to a end

Time flew by. Every year it's funny, while I'm here at home time drags by, counting the days until the island season. Once I'm there running the big lake every day time goes by in a blink of the eye. I guess the saying is true "time flies when you're having fun". Anyways I'm back to counting down the days again. The season as a whole was great. The carp fishing was good despite wind, and clouds. Smallmouth fishing was excellent. Pike fishing was a added bonus and tons of fun. As I sat on the boat leaving the island the other day I was thinking how lucky I am to have been able to spend the last 6 or 7 summers on such a amazing place. Smallmouth fishing here at home on the Kankakee is in it's normal summer patterns and the river is in great shape. A new boat is in the works and will be picked up by September 1st, photos will come as soon as I get them. I have some dates open for smallmouth before I skip town again this fall for salmon season on the Pere Marquette.

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