Winter sucks!!

Quick fishing report, The St. Joe is open the fish have been uncooperative but thats fishing midwest steelhead in the winter. The big lake was open the browns where there and playful the last time I was out. Olive goby patterns worked best stripped on a sinking line. 

Spring/Summer bookings are underway!

Yeah it's the new year! The holidays are over, the Christmas stuff is taken down and put back in the attic, now the cat-fighting of the fishing industry begins. With nothing better to do, being cooped up in the house tying flies every day, it happens every winter like clock work, the constant FB stalking, Instagram creeping, and arguing. A friend of mine who owns a shop in Montana made a T-shirt a few years back. It simply says "FaceBook ruined Flyfishing" I believe that to be absolutely true!!! Let me pause there and explain. It is a great tool for sharing ideas, places, meeting people with the same interests. This is where it goes to hell. It makes the guy sitting in his cubical or sitting on the train think that every guy that can tie a fly and put it online is a custom tyer. Any dude with a boat isn't really a guide because him and his buddy fish on the weekend. Has our world really become that pitiful that we have to pay for likes? When you have a conversation with a "pop up" guide, you ask him why he wants to start guiding and his response is "for the pro deals" seriously??? No man, that's not the correct answer. You are making us REAL guides look bad! All I'm saying is be leery of what you read online.