Northern escape

Being a guide for 10 years I've made a lot of good friends. I got a call awhile back from one saying, "hey bud wanna come up to the bay and fish carp and bass?" Hell yes I do!!! Capt. Katz and his wife are expecting their first baby soon, so as a final trip Bill and myself headed north to stay at

We met Dave at the shop and headed to the bay to chase carp and smallmouth on day one. I forgot how much I missed fishing the great lakes for carp. Day two was a short one due to driving back home so we stayed close to the shop and hit the Big Manistee to chased pike with Dave and his awesome wife Amy. Pike are great and Dave has this game dialed in. If you need a quick escape from the city I highly recommend staying at Dloop and fishing with Dave or one of his guys.

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