Back at home

The rubber hit the runway this past Sunday morning. My 2018 Alaska season is over. My time working at Naknek River Camp was a whirlwind on so many levels. It was humbling to be considered a old guy that the new guides and captains came to with questions. I’m not sure if I like being a old guy. None the less, the younger staff members that I had the pleasure to work with did a amazing job. I am proud to have met and worked with all of them. Quick recap, the weather early season, RAIN, everyday it rained. Bugs were awful unless you just “excepted” them. If you couldn’t let yourself embrace them well then they drove you bat shit crazy. The fishing and scenery and the night sky was…. amazing. I want to thank Jim and Phyllis for having me back allowing me to work in such a wonderful place. I have committed to going back in 2019 I will once again be offering dates and discounted rates.

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