Kankakee river

Day off playing catch up

Up's and downs. The rains come down and the rivers goes up. This spring is still continuing to be a challenging one. The rivers are all fishable but still on the high side. Water clarity is 16" max. Bigger flies with rattles in them have been the patterns of choice. All rivers are in post spawn mode and producing good quality fish every trip out. I had the opertuinty to be interviewed for a pod cast when I talk about our local fisheries,  http://guidedlines.com/featured-guides/episode-004-captain-austin-adduci/ 


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Week of April 17th

Falling river, dirty water, rising temps is what we were dealt this week. We caught fish, some days better than others but thats the game we play. There was no one hot color or pattern. One day they wanted black the next they wanted chartreuse. A little more than a month until the 2016 Island season and I can't wait!!